Thursday, November 20, 2008

Revisions, Deadlines, and Fairness

At the end of class today, I made a decision after talking with one of your peers. I will allow those of you who did not turn in essay one or essay two to turn either or both of those essays in by the time revisions are due, which is by noon on Wednesday, December 3.

I think this is fair for a few reasons. One, those of you who turned in essays on time received extensive feedback from me, which will really help guide you during revision. Two, those of you who turned in work within the late period did not receive comments from me but do have the option of meeting with me to go over your essays. Three, those of you who did not turn in work during the late period will now be allowed to turn in essays one and/or two by the deadline for revisions but without the opportunity to discuss the work with me.

This seems fair because those who turn in work on time clearly benefit from it. Those who turn in work late have some benefits but not all. And those who did not turn in work late will not be in danger of failing the course but will not have the benefits everyone else had when it comes to preparing those essays.

But let's be clear about deadlines. Essay three is due by noon on Sunday, November 23. My standard late policy does apply to this essay, which means it must be turned in by noon on Sunday, November 30 (but will receive no comments). I will not accept any submissions of essay three after this final deadline. You will not be able to revise this essay.

Revisions of essays one and two are due by noon on Wednesday, December 3. I will not accept late revisions.

The final project, which I will describe in class on Tuesday, is due at the start of class on Thursday, December 11. I will not accept late submissions of the final project.

I certainly understand that some of you have had trouble working with time management in the transition to college. Therefore, I am allowing the chances for revisions and late submissions that I describe in this post. But the deadlines as described in this post do stand. Get them in your calendar, check out what is due in your other classes, and make plans for finishing this semester as smoothly as possible.

If you have questions or concerns, let me know.

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