Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Discussion Teams and Topic Groups

Ultimately, this is a class about critical reading, writing, and thinking. I think that the only way to improve your skills in those areas is to practice them as much as possible. For that reason, I have created the discussion teams listed below. Each of you is in a team, and each day we have a text to discuss, you will be in charge of initiating our discussion on a particular topic. I will always announce that topic in the action list so that you can be prepared.

Discussion Teams

Team One: Darryl, Lisa, Danny, Matt

Team Two: Kim, Mark, Keyokah, Kelsey

Team Three: Shawn, Henry, Jourdan, Alex

Team Four: Justin, Erin, John,

Discussion Topics

Topic A: Types of Transitions

Topic B: Depictions of Time and Motion

Topic C: Synaesthetics and Distinctions between Lines

Topic D: Relationships between Words and Pictures

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