Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Submission of Essay One

Your first formal essay for this course (and perhaps in college) is now due. As you prepare the final draft, keep a few things in mind.
  • Reread the Prompt for Essay One to make sure that you remember all of the expectations I have for this essay.
  • Read the Grading Rubric so that you know how I will assess these essays and so that you can make any changes you see fit to make before you submit the final draft to me.
  • Make sure your essay is typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all side in a normal font like Times New Roman or Georgia.
  • Give your essay a title that is specific and germane to your approach.
  • Format your essay--including heading, title, and page numbers--so that it fits MLA; see chapters 29 and 30 of A Writer's Resource for an explanation of that style if it's new to you.
  • When everything is done, save in .doc or .rtf format and attach it to an email addressed to me.
I need to receive the final draft of Essay One by noon on Sunday, September 28, but you can send it anytime before then. If I have not received it by then, my late policy kicks in (see the syllabus if you don't remember what that is). By 6:00 PM, I will have written back to each of you to tell you that I received it. Give me about ten days or so to get them back to you because I want to make sure I give each one the time it deserves.

If you are unclear about how to do anything to make your essay fit the formatting guidelines, contact me or Lauren as soon as possible.

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