Monday, October 6, 2008

Reviewing Your Graded Essays

When you get an essay back from me, it's important that you do a few things. First of all, make sure that you can see all of my marginal comments. There will be a summary comment at the end with the grade, but there are also several comments in the margins. If you use Word 2003/4, then choose View and Markup. The comments should appear. In Word 2007/8, choose Balloons (in the reviewing pane) and Show Revisions in Balloons. Read over all of the comments. If you are confused about why you received the grade you received, then reread the prompt for the assignment and the Grading Rubric.

Anything highlighted in yellow refers to a sentence-level issue. Something is off in the area that I highlighted. There are probably several ways to fix it, but if you don't see the problem right away, use A Writer's Resource to help you. I will also gladly go over those things with you in my office.

If I am allowing you to revise, then make a plan for your revision. I also strongly advise you to see me and/or Lauren for guidance. But don't wait until the last minute, and don't just fix little things (unless you're in the B+/A- range and only have little things to fix). If you only fix a few things here and there, I may not raise the grade because it doesn't count as a true revision.

One thing to keep in mind about college is that a B+ counts as honors level work. If you earn a B+ in every class you take, you will graduate with a 3.33 GPA; you need a 3.25 to graduate with honors. I consider a B+ or higher to be honors-level work, and no one should feel bad if you earned "just" a B.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, let me know ASAP!

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