Monday, October 13, 2008

Action List for Tuesday, October 21

There is no class on Thursday, October 16, as I will be attending the Who Owns Writing conference at Hofstra University. The timing is pretty good since you can use the break to start working on your second major essay.
  • Read and be prepared to answer questions about the following sections in A Writer's Resource: (sections 5c and 5d [pgs. 48-52], 6c [pgs. 70-5], 10a-c [pgs. 121-30]).
  • Bring A Writer's Resource to class on Tuesday.
  • Review the strategies for developing ideas in A Writer's Resource and use some of them to develop ideas for your second essay.
  • Draft paragraphs for your essay if you think you have developed strong ideas and are ready to go.
  • Email Lauren with a sense of the focus you are going to take with this essay. Try to shape it into as strong of a thesis as possible. She'll take a look at it and reply with questions and such to get you thinking a bit more about what to do next. Just copy-and-paste into an email; don't worry about attachments. Get it to her by 4:00 PM or so on Monday, October 20 (I've told her she is under no obligation to offer feedback to anyone who sends it late).
Basically, get to work on that next essay now so that you can see me and/or Lauren if you have questions or to talk about drafts. There is plenty of time to get lots of feedback, but you have to use that time well.

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