Monday, October 6, 2008

Action List for Thursday, October 9

We have finished the first major text of the course and will move on to the next.
  • Read chapters one and two of Craig Thompson's Blankets.
  • Prepare to take Reading Quiz #9 and to discuss with the class how your team's discussion topic is at work in the text (Team One has Topic B, Team Two has Topic C, Team Three has Topic D, and Team Four has Topic A).
  • Create a blog post responding to Blankets that focuses not just on your response but on how you see your team's discussion topic working in the text.
  • Bring A Writer's Resource to class; at this point, you should be bringing Understanding Comics to class whenever we are discussing one of the major texts, too.
  • Read my suggestions on how to review your graded essays, and review your essay when I email it back to you.

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