Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Action List for Tuesday, September 9

There's a fair amount to do for next week, but some of it is preparatory work that makes the rest of the semester easier. You can find important links to course documents in the sidebar to the right.
  • Read through the syllabus, and ask Nels any questions it raises for you (by email or in class).
  • Buy the books and/or order them online.
  • Create your blog, email the URL to Nels, and post an introduction of yourself.
  • Download and print the two essays for next week (Beard and Cooper); they are available on Blackboard (remember that I will print them for you if you come to me).
  • Read the essays and post responses to them on your blog; remember that Reading Quiz #1 is on Tuesday.
  • Bring the essays to class on Tuesday to help you during discussion (I often ask people to read passages out loud or to find quotations for us to discuss).

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