Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Action List for Tuesday, September 16

As a reminder, the purpose of these Action Lists is to guide you so that you can produce the best work and earn the highest grade possible in this class (and, subsequently, in your other classes, too). I list the things I list so that you can know what concrete steps you can take to do well. Do everything, and you will be on the right track.

In addition to the same kind of reading you've been doing, it's time to start thinking about the writing.
  • Choose the person you are going to write about for your portrait and brainstorm some ideas, images, and memories for this person. Just sit down for a few minutes and write down everything that comes to mind about this person. Do not discard anything that comes to mind; keep a record of it all at first.
  • Download and print the three essays for Tuesday (Benson, Gropnik and Orlean); they are available on Blackboard (remember that I will print them for you if you come to me).
  • Read the essays and post responses to them on your blog; remember that Reading Quiz #3 is on Tuesday.
  • Bring the essays to class to help you during discussion.

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