Monday, September 15, 2008

Action List for Thursday, September 18

There is not a lot of reading for Thursday, so think about your writing while you have some time.
  • Read the essay by Beth Richards and bring any questions about it to class since she will be joining us; remember that we have Reading Quiz #4, too.
  • Post a response to the Richards essay on your blog; in this response, try to move away from simple expressions of like or dislike and dig into the writing more, perhaps by looking for the modes that we discussed in class or stating what you think the essay is about while explaining what in the essays makes you think what you think.
  • Fastwrite a few paragraphs for the portrait you are writing for class; try writing a paragraph in each of the modes we discussed in class.
  • Begin posting comments to the blogs of your colleagues; see the Prompt for Blog Postings for ideas of how to construct comments.

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